Potissimus Species Prosperitas

UConn DanceSport's mission is simple: to have each of our members succeed at DanceSport. Even though each person defines success differently, we at UConn DanceSport feel the only way to any success is through learning principles and focusing on quality. Thus, our mission is embodied in three simple words: Principles (Potissimus), Quality (Species) and Success (Prosperitas).


We believe all of our members should be people of conviction and fervor. That is why we encourage our members to join us in community service, charity shows, and complimentary lessons.


A good dancer is not defined by how many steps they know but by the quality of their movement. Our primary objective is to elevate the quality of each of our members movement on a daily basis. Quality of movement can only be achieved with high quality instruction and leadership.


Like any team we work to compete, and in competition we strive to do our best. The team, as well as each team member, has goals to measure success. We take these goals very seriously and work hard to bring them to fruition.